Hon Hai and INDIEV will build the INDI One prototype at the Ohio factory

Hon Hai and California electric vehicle startup INDIEV today announced the signing of a memorandum of cooperation. The Hon Hai Ohio factory team will assist INDIEV in building the INDI One prototype while negotiating further contract manufacturing.

In response to the partnership, INDIEV founder and CEO Shi Hai said that the INDI One is a unique vehicle that requires the highest quality automotive craftsmanship and stringent manufacturing and engineering standards for consumer electronics.

Hon Hai pointed out that after the signing of the contract with INDIEV, they will start to discuss more cooperation opportunities in the manufacture of electric vehicles in Ohio. At this stage, the two parties are still discussing further cooperation opportunities. In addition to the production of prototype cars, other details of the cooperation will be announced in due course after confirmation.

After the completion of the acquisition of the Ohio plant in May 2022, Hon Hai will continue to carry out the electric vehicle manufacturing business. At present, the electric pickup truck production line in the plant has entered mass production, and the traction vehicle production line is expected to start production in the first quarter of next year to build INDI One The prototype will be Hon Hai's latest electric vehicle business in Ohio. In addition, INDIEV started the development of INDI One in 2017, and will show a prototype in October 2021.

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