Hongqi has developed a mobile intelligent charging robot

According to FAW-Hongqi official news, recently, Hongqi R&D General Institute successfully trial-produced Hongqi's first mobile intelligent charging robot prototype.

According to reports, the mobile intelligent charging robot integrates a robotic arm, automation technology, and a high-reliable vision system in a complex environment of the whole scene. Combined with the industry-leading robot control technology, it provides a safe and reliable set of unmanned charging scenarios for new energy electric vehicles. s solution.

The intelligent charging robot can perform automatic charging operations for electric vehicles, providing car owners with a more intelligent, more automated, safer, more convenient, and more efficient charging experience.

After the charging robot receives the charging command, it can independently plan the moving path and is equipped with an automatic cover opening function. , and automatically return to the original place after charging to replenish power or enter standby mode.

The robot has built-in laser and infrared obstacle avoidance detection, and has an automatic obstacle avoidance function; the charging and storage system is equipped with safety protection, which escorts the safe and reliable operation of the equipment from the aspects of component selection, electrical design, and protection logic.

The intelligent charging robot gets rid of the traditional charging method and cable constraints, and the charging is more efficient and convenient through the one-key intelligent charging of the client; in addition, the charging breaks through the space limitation, no infrastructure construction is required, and the deployment is more flexible. A charging robot can be used for parking. Multiple electric vehicles charging at the venue.

Hongqi officials said that in the future, mobile charging robots, as one of the charging solutions, combined with low-power DC charging, wireless charging, high-power charging, and other charging methods can further improve the ecological construction of Hongqi energy supplementation. The orientation improves the charging experience of Hongqi users.

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