HTC: VR industry is expected to enter a golden growth period in the next three years

Huang Zhaoying, global vice president of HTC and general manager of the Asia Pacific region, said yesterday that with the improvement of technology and the emergence of more and more applications, the current hardware volume has reached 10 million units, and it is expected that the VR industry will enter a golden growth period in the next three years.

Huang Zhaoying pointed out that since VR-related applications are the key to entering the Metaverse, he is optimistic that as the VR industry enters a golden growth period, it will bring about an explosion of business opportunities in the Metaverse.

A McKinsey report shows that by 2030, the annual expenditure related to the Metaverse by global enterprises and consumers may reach 5 trillion US dollars (about 33.75 trillion yuan). By comparison, spending around artificial intelligence totaled $93 billion last year.

Related equipment: HTC launched the HTC DESIRE 22 Pro metaverse concept mobile phone in June this year and launched the VIVE Focus 3 "eye tracking kit" and "expression detection kit" in September this year. Recently, the HTC Vive official push also warmed up the new VR headset, and the successor of Vive Flow is expected to arrive.

Additionally, Strategy Analytics reports that as an investment in the metaverse grows, ownership of dedicated metaverse devices (VR and AR headsets) will explode. By 2024, the market stock of Metaverse devices will double from the current 50 million.

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