HUAWEI Band 7 pushes firmware update

Huawei Band 7 has now released the (M03) firmware update with a size of 9.79MB. This update adds the smart flash card function, supports mobile phones to find the bracelet, and optimizes the detection function of heart rate and blood oxygen-related data.

Among them, through the smart flash card function, users can automatically match and quickly evoke the corresponding card in the corresponding scene when using the bracelet to swipe the card.

It should be noted that the smart flash card function is only supported by the NFC version in mainland China, and needs to be set in the “Wallet” function of the “Sports Health” app (only EMUI, HarmonyOS, and Android phones support this function). To find the bracelet on your mobile phone, you can experience it through the "Sports Health" app > Devices > HUAWEI Band 7 > Find Devices.

In firmware version, Huawei Band 7 also adds WeChat video and voice call message reminders, but only some mobile phones with HarmonyOS 2 and above or Android 10.0 and above are supported.

In addition, Huawei Band 7 has also carried out a number of optimizations , including optimizing the Bluetooth connection of the bracelet, enabling new icons; optimizing the detection function of heart rate and blood oxygen-related data; optimizing the accuracy of sleep monitoring; optimizing the display of message notifications in some scenarios ;Optimize the display effect of the animated dial; optimize the experience of using the iOS mobile wallet access card and bus card functions.

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