Huawei Ding Yun dies of sudden illness at the age of 53

This evening, Ding Yun, vice chairman of Huawei's board of supervisors, passed away due to a sudden illness, and Huawei issued an obituary saying, "It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Ding Yun will die in 2022 due to a sudden illness. Sadly passed away in the early morning of October 7, at the age of 53 (1969 ~ 2022)."

Huawei said, "Mr. Ding Yun has worked at Huawei for 26 years and has made significant contributions to the company's growth and development. We express our deep condolences for his untimely passing! Please focus on your work and turn grief into strength."

Mr. Ding Yun was born in 1969 and graduated from Southeast University with a master's degree. He joined Huawei in 1996 and has served as product line president, president of the global solution sales department, president of global marketing, and president of products and solutions. He is currently the vice chairman of the company's board of supervisors, the head of the general cadre department, the president of the enterprise BG, and the president of the operator BG.

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