Huawei Smart Door Lock / Pro Series Launches New Glitter Gold Color Matching

Huawei Smart Door Lock / Pro series launched in April this year has a new " gilt gold " color scheme, which will go on sale at 10:08 today (October 20), priced at 2799 yuan rise.

  • Huawei smart door lock "gilt gold" color matching: 2799 yuan, 300 yuan more expensive than the original black
  • Huawei Smart Door Lock Pro "Glitter Gold" color matching: 3999 yuan, 300 yuan more expensive than the original black
Configuration: The new "gilt gold" color scheme is the same as the original version, the Pro model has more AI 3D face recognition, and the unlocking speed is as low as 2 seconds; the whole system supports nine unlocking methods such as mobile phones, watches, and NFC cards.

Hardware: Huawei's smart door lock series adopts the flagship mobile phone homologous AI dynamic learning algorithm, the same 3D deep-sensing camera, and 1 TOPS AI computing power; it is equipped with a 3.97-inch door lock color screen, supports smart screen picture-in-picture, mobile phone remote intercom and View; equipped with 1080P high-definition cat's eye, 150 ° super wide-angle, support low-light full color, an intelligent snapshot of abnormal stay; equipped with flagship mobile phone dual-cell, 8800mAh lithium battery, and also supports dry battery intelligent backup.

Functions: Huawei's smart door lock series supports a new generation of fully automatic lock bodies, which can open the door in one step and automatically lock the door when it is closed; indoor dual induction, which can be opened with a single touch when going out.

Security: Huawei said that the smart door lock series has HarmonyOS TEE and security chip EAL5 + security certification; CCRC enhanced security certification. Multiple security exception alarms, anti-small black box, anti-cat's eye unlocking.

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