Indian made Apple iPhone exports top $1 billion in 5 months

People familiar with the matter said that Apple’s iPhone exports from India exceeded $1 billion in the five months since April this year. 

Exports of iPhones made in India mainly include Europe and the Middle East. Exports are forecast to reach $2.5 billion in the 12 months to March 2023.

That's nearly double the $1.3 billion worth of iPhones India exported in the year to March 2022. At the end of September, Apple said that the iPhone maker was "excited to be producing the iPhone 14 in India."

Apple first started producing the iPhone, the iPhone SE, in India in 2017. In April, Apple announced that it had started production of the iPhone 13 smartphone in India. Previously, some iPhones were assembled at Foxconn's local factories, while others were assembled at Wistron's factories.

In addition, Bloomberg has revealed that Tata Group, a leading Indian company, is negotiating with Wistron, hoping to establish a joint venture to assemble Apple's iPhone in India.

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