Innosilicon's Fenghua No. 1 domestic GPU officially mass-produced


According to the official news of Wuhan East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, on the afternoon of September 30, Hubei East Lake Science City and Optics Valley Digital Economy Industrial Base was launched, and a batch of projects was signed.

At the scene, Wang Jinqiao, President of Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, and Ao Hai, Chairman of Innosilicon Technology Co., Ltd. respectively announced that the "Jiangcheng Taisu" multi-modal open source data set will be open to the world, and the "Fenghua No. 1 GPU" will be officially mass produced.

In November 2021, Innosilicon released the performance parameters of the first domestic high-performance 4K-class graphics GPU chip "Fenghua No. 1". The desktop "Fenghua No. 1" graphics card is a single-chip A-card, with a rendering capacity of 160GPixel/sec, FP32 floating-point performance of 5T FLOPS; a memory bandwidth of up to 304GB/s, and a memory capacity of up to 16GB; supports PCIe4. 0X16 interface, the display interface supports HDMI2.1 / DP1.4 / VGA, etc. In terms of performance, the typical chip power consumption of desktop 4K heavy rendering is about 20W, and the typical power consumption of multi-channel heavy cloud rendering is about 50W.

The server-side "Fenghua No. 1" is a dual-chip B card, which doubles the performance of the A card, with a rendering capacity of 320GPixel/sec, FP32 floating-point performance of 10T FLOPS, and video memory of 32GB. Wuhan East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone officially stated that "Fenghua No. 1 GPU" has achieved innovative breakthroughs in the two fields of domestic 4K-level desktop and server-level graphics cards. It is a high-performance GPU product series with many support frameworks and strong scalability in China.

Innosilicon previously stated that the Fenghua No. 1 domestic graphics card is just the beginning. In 2022, Innosilicon plans to launch 5nm plus optical tracking technology. 

In addition, Innosilicon released " Fenghua No. 2 " in August this year. "Fenghua No. 2" is a desktop and notebook GPU that integrates ultra-low power consumption, strong rendering, 4K high-definition three-screen display, 4K video decoding, and intelligent AI computing, and has achieved innovative breakthroughs in many self-developed technologies.

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