Intel allows Sharp Graphics to be used in the data center

Intel Arc A7 series graphics cards for gaming are not designed for data centers, Intel has a separate product line dedicated to data centers called Data Center GPU Flex (Data Center GPU Flex) series, these cards are basically the same except that there are no physical display connectors and fans.

However, if anyone else would rather buy an Arc A7 GPU for a server, that's fine too. According to ServeTheHome, according to Intel, even if the graphics card is used in the data center, they will license it, which means that Intel will have a software licensing model similar to AMD, and it is completely different from Nvidia.

NVIDIA does not allow GeForce or TITAN GPUs to be used in data centers, and NVIDIA does not grant software licenses (drivers) for data center deployment. Interestingly though, Nvidia’s license still allows for “blockchain processing,” which in most cases means allowing cryptocurrency mining.

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