Intel CEO: Willing to work for AMD / Nvidia in its own fab

Intel CEO Pat Kissinger said in an interview that he is willing to manufacture world-class CPUs and GPUs for AMD/NVIDIA in his own fab.

In the interview, Pat Kissinger reportedly said that at the inauguration of the Ohio factory, he sat down with a number of fabless company CEOs, welcomed them, and even offered to put their logos on them. put in the factory. Not only that, but Pat Kissinger said he would be happy to put the logos of competitors (AMD and NVIDIA) in his own fab.

Pat Kissinger also said that it's not just AMD and NVIDIA that he wants to show the world Intel's capabilities as a world-class manufacturing company.

At the Intel On Technology Innovation Summit held at the end of September, Intel CEO Pat Kissinger said: Intel and Intel Foundry Services (IFS) will create a "System Foundry" times. Intel will be a great foundry to meet the growing demand for semiconductors, bring more capacity to the world and create more value for customers. Following the acquisition of Tower Semiconductor, Intel Foundry Services will become a comprehensive end-to-end foundry in the world, offering one of the industry's broadest portfolios of differentiated technologies.

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