Intel i9-13900K overclocked to 8.8GHz

According to Asus, overclockers have set multiple world records with its ROG Z790 Apex motherboard.

As shown above, overclocker elmor overclocked the i9-13900K to 8812.85MHz, setting a new world record. In addition, the overclocker also overclocked the DDR5 memory brand to 11130MT/s.

According to skatterbencher data, the last time it appeared close to 8.8GHz was in 2012, when the AMD FX-8350 created a frequency of 8794.33MHz.

The first batch of 13th-generation Core K-series processors have been launched tonight, including Core i9-13900K / KF, i7-13700K / KF, i5-13600K / KF, and the maximum single-core turbo frequency is 5.8GHz, 5.4GHz, 5.1GHz, the initial price of the National Bank is 4899 yuan / 4699 yuan, 3499 yuan / 3299 yuan, 2699 yuan / 2499 yuan.

In terms of performance, Intel's 13th-generation Intel Core uses the mature Intel 7 process technology and x86 high-performance hybrid architecture, and its single-threaded performance and multi-threaded performance have increased by up to 15% and 41%, respectively.

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