Intel will hold the 13th generation Core Duo listing sharing meeting on the evening of October 20

Intel has now announced that it will hold the 13th generation Intel Core listing-sharing meeting at 20:00 on October 20th. At that time, the relevant content will be lifted and the official sale will be announced, "to witness the new generation of CPU together. !"

The 13th-generation Core Force is ready to be launched. The first "heterogeneous" Force will be unlocked first, the performance core and the energy efficiency core will be combined, and the disruptive hybrid architecture will achieve a high degree of coordination and complete the iterative performance improvement!

The super force is gathering, ready to go!

Intel officially released the 13th generation Intel Core processor product family at the Intel ON Technology Innovation Summit held on September 28, priced at 2499 ~ 4899 yuan. Intel's 13th Gen Core product family includes six unlocked desktop processors with up to 24 cores and 32 threads, with turbo frequencies up to 5.8GHz.

The 13th Gen Intel Core K-series desktop processors and Intel Z790 chipset will be released and available for sale/shipping on October 20, including boxed processors, motherboards, and desktop systems.

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