Intel Xeon Diamond Rapids Exposure

Hardware leaker @ Victoria City Network -YuuKi_AnS revealed the first details of the Intel Xeon architecture Diamond Rapids. Intel Granite Rapids is the successor to Sapphire Rapids, Emerald Rapids, two major lines of products that appear to have been delayed by multiple delays with Intel's HPC products. Allegedly, Intel confirmed that four generations from now will use PCI Express 6.0 technology.

 Intel hasn't confirmed when Diamond Rapids will be launched, and the company has never even confirmed the codename, however, the product does appear in the PPT as "future generation" and has an all-big-core (performance core, P-core) design.

He also confirmed other details, such as Diamond Rapids will support PCIe Gen6, another upgrade from Granite Rapids' PCIe 5.

In addition, the 7th Gen Xeon Scalable Architecture will support CXL 3.0 (Compute Express Link, a new standard for open interconnect) based on PCIe Gen6. The CXL 3.0 interface specification was actually only released in August this year, and it will take at least 3 years to see it implemented in Intel Xeon products.

It's a pity that no details on the number of cores or CPU cache appear in the PPT, however, Intel has given an attitude in the PPT that Intel will continue to use HBM memory in their HPC processors, at least for the foreseeable future.

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