Intel's 13th Gen Core K-series processors are coming soon

Intel's 13th-generation Core K-series processors will be available on October 20. Now, CPU-Z has been updated to version 2.03 to provide optimized support for this series of processors.


According to the official changelog, the latest version of CPU-Z supports not only 13th-generation Core K-series processors but also non-K-series i5-13400, i5-13500, and i3-13100 models. In terms of graphics cards, the latest CPU-Z version supports Intel Ruixuan A series graphics cards and RTX 40 series graphics cards.

Intel has now released the 13th-generation Core K-series processors with the following parameters. The non-K series is expected to be announced at CES early next year.

The first batch of 13th-generation Core processors listed include Core i9-13900K / KF, i7-13700K / KF, i5-13600K / KF, the maximum single-core turbo frequency is 5.8GHz, 5.4GHz, 5.1GHz, the maximum turbo frequency is almost comprehensive The price of the 12th generation Core, the national version is 4899 yuan / 4699 yuan, 3499 yuan / 3299 yuan, 2699 yuan / 2499 yuan.

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