Investor: CATL has been leading the international frontier research

CATL said on the investor interaction platform today that CATL has been leading the international frontier research, and the company has formed ternary high nickel batteries with high energy density and cost-effective lithium iron phosphate batteries. The product series within the company is currently fully promoting the layout of battery technologies such as sodium ion, M3P, condensed state, cobalt-free batteries, all-solid-state, and rare metal-free batteries.

In addition, in response to the loading time of sodium-ion batteries, Ningde Times said that it is committed to promoting the industrialization of sodium-ion batteries in 2023. Regarding the company's layout in lithium mines, CATL stated that the company has built a competitive supply network, including long-term agreements, investment, self-production, and recycling.

On July 29, 2021, Zeng Yuqun, chairman of CATL, released CATL's first-generation sodium-ion battery, which has high energy density, high-rate charging, excellent thermal stability, and good low temperature. performance and high integration efficiency. In terms of the industrialization of sodium-ion batteries, Ningde Times once stated that sodium-ion batteries can be perfectly compatible with lithium-ion battery production equipment and processes, and production lines can be quickly switched to a complete rapid production capacity layout, and Ningde Times also expected to be in 2023. Year to form a basic industrial chain.

In addition, in August this year, Wu Kai, the chief scientist of CATL, said at the World New Energy Vehicle Conference that CATL plans to launch condensed batteries in 2023. This battery has the characteristics of safety, high reliability, and good cycle life.

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