iQOO TWS Air true wireless Bluetooth headset released

At the iQOO Neo7 launch event tonight, the iQOO TWS Air true wireless Bluetooth headset was released with a retail price of 199 yuan and a starting price of 169 yuan

Appearance: The iQOO TWS Air adopts the brand's iconic yellow and black contrast color design, named " Xingyao Yellow ", and the surface is a matte texture with a three-layer spraying process.

iQOO TWS Air is equipped with a 14.2mm bio-carbon fiber moving coil, a high-density Japanese large black pure copper voice coil, a bio-carbon fiber composite diaphragm, and high magnetic sensitivity iron boron magnetic circuit system, which is specially designed for gaming and audio-visual experience.

The iQOO TWS Air weighs only 3.5g per ear, is tuned by the Vivo Golden Ear Acoustics Laboratory, and provides three personalized tuning styles.

iQOO TWS Air also supports dual-microphone AI call noise reduction, Bluetooth 5.2, latency as low as 94ms, and supports AAC / SBC audio decoding.

The earphones can be heard for up to 4.8 hours on a single charge, up to 25 hours with the charging case, and up to 1.5 hours with a 10-minute charge.

The retail price of iQOO TWS Air is 199 yuan, the initial price is 169 yuan, and it only costs 119 yuan to buy with iQOO Neo7.

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