Japan builds world's first 4-legged robot that can carry 4 people

Japan's Sansei Technology Co., Ltd. has created the world's first quadruped robot that can carry people. It is like riding an elephant. The robot, called SR-02, is about 3.6 meters long, 2 meters wide, 2.1 meters high, weighs about 2 tons, and can accommodate 4 people. The robot is battery-powered and uses its four legs to move around like an elephant at a speed of 3.8 to 9 meters per minute.

The robot can be controlled by radio or wired remote control, and the demonstration video shows that it can stand up, bend its legs, lift its feet, walk leisurely, and carry four adults. Able to circle in place while stomping.

The company unveiled a prototype of the robot in February, and since then it has been working to improve its stability and walking speed, "finishing" the design in September. The robot will be used in exhibitions and amusement parks, and the company hopes it will be used in other areas as well.

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