Jidu Automobile: ROBO-01 officially entered the vehicle development stage

Jidu Automobile announced that ROBO-01 has officially entered the vehicle development stage. Previously, Jidu's first car robot concept car ROBO-01 was released in June this year.

Jidu plans to officially launch a limited edition of its first mass-produced model this fall, and the mass-produced model has 90% similarity with the ROBO-01 concept car. In addition, Jidu will also release the design of its second mass-produced model at this year's Guangzhou Auto Show.

According to previous information, the ROBO-01 concept car is equipped with many active deformable structures such as "jump-light" liftable lidar, active lift tail, and foldable U-shaped steering wheel.

In addition, the integrated self-driving system is equipped with NVIDIA's "dual" Orin X chip, and the whole vehicle is equipped with 31 external sensors, including 2 lidars, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, and 12 cameras.

In terms of smart cockpit, Jidu smart cockpit has functions such as full offline voice, millisecond-level response, 3D human-machine co-driving map, and full-scene interaction inside and outside the car . Jidu will debut Qualcomm's fourth-generation Snapdragon automotive digital cockpit platform-8295 chip, which supports the presentation of 3D effects on an unbounded integrated ultra-clear large screen; the screen also supports switching the "3D man-machine co-driving map" mode.

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