Jiulian Technology released the cloud speaker equipped with open source Hongmeng OpenHarmony 3.0.1

The Jiulian cloud speaker developed and produced by Guangdong Jiulian Technology Co., Ltd. is adapted to the OpenHarmony 3.0.1 LTS lightweight system and has recently passed the OpenAtom OpenHarmony ("OpenHarmony") compatibility evaluation. And was awarded the OpenHarmony Ecological Product Compatibility Certificate, which means that the terminal product meets the technical requirements defined by OpenHarmony compatibility.

According to the official introduction of OpenHarmony, the OpenHarmony cloud speaker scene builds sound prompts and real-time data synchronization scenarios for businesses to improve efficiency and ensure safety. The Jiulian cloud speaker equipped with the OpenHarmony system came into being. Payment information is reported in real-time, which greatly improves the efficiency and security of cashiers, and helps merchants to better complete business transactions.

Jiulian Cloud Speaker is an intelligent voice terminal specially designed for merchants that integrates business assistants, voice interaction, music and audio, and other functions. It has its own indicator light, two physical buttons, and built-in ESIM. Support MicroUSB charging, battery capacity 2000mAh. Support customer operation intelligent push, operation broadcast, timing reminder, custom shouting, music and audio playback, and other functions.

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