Keychron V3 mechanical keyboard released

The Keychron V3 mechanical keyboard has been released, is 80% equipped, supports hot swapping and open source key changes, and starts at 418 yuan. According to the official introduction, the V3 customized mechanical keyboard is 80% arranged, removing the small keyboard area that is not commonly used, and effectively improving the overall utilization rate of the keyboard. The Type-C interface is located at the upper left of the keyboard. As the current mainstream data interface solution, users can easily find compatible cables to connect and use. The keycap style uses a contrasting color design, with the red keycap out of the blue and black keycaps.

The V3 keyboard is equipped with the classic OSA PBT spherical keycaps, PBT material has high heat resistance, toughness, fatigue resistance, self-lubricating, and low friction, it can provide excellent feel and quality for the keycaps. Long-term use is not easy to appear oily, the characters are worn off. Longer life and drier than ABS keycaps. The arc of the OSA fits the fingers better, ensuring an absolute contact surface when the fingertips are pressed down, making it more comfortable during typing. The shaft body still uses the K Pro shaft body developed by itself. The size of the shaft body is the standard MX shaft, which is suitable for most positioning plates and has good compatibility.

This series of keyboards still supports open-source key changes, hot swapping and customization. Using the QMK / VIA open-source key changer, you can change the keyboard layout, add shortcut keys, program each key, and more.

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