Lenovo announced the first self-developed car computing product

At the end of August this year, Lenovo officially stated that it would not build cars and would focus on the field of car computing. Yesterday, Lenovo Group's own R&D and manufacturing base Hefei Lianbao Technology announced the release of the autonomous driving domain controller product EA-R600.

According to Linkage, with the continuous evolution of vehicle automation and intelligence, the traditional distributed ECU architecture is evolving towards a centralized architecture, which is gradually being replaced by a centralized, large computing power, and more integrated domain controller. As the brain of intelligent driving, the autonomous driving domain controller has multi-integration capabilities and can realize perception and decision-making. Entering 2022, the development of AI technology will also push autonomous driving technology to a new stage. Based on this, Lianbao Technology is actively deploying the AMR (autonomous driving robot) track, focusing on edge AI products applicable to scenarios such as autonomous driving and autonomous driving, and has recently officially released the ultra-high computing power AMR autonomous driving domain controller product: EA-R600, dedicated to promoting the rapid development of China's autonomous driving industry towards intelligence.

The EA-R600 is embedded with dual NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin core modules, and data transmission is carried out through the high-speed PCIE bus on the board side. The whole machine can provide up to 550TOPS of edge computing power. Real-time and efficient processing performance, with multi-sensor fusion, perception, planning, prediction, decision-making, and other computing capabilities.

In addition, Lianbao Technology said that through the production of EA-R600 hardware, the chip solution, the middle layer, and the autonomous driving software system of the depot are efficiently integrated, which can fully meet the autonomous driving of sanitation, distribution, inspection, logistics sorting, freight, and human transportation. Whether it is in open areas such as highway trunk lines, medium, and short-distance distribution, or closed areas such as mining areas, ports, and parks, the EA-R600 product and its supporting solutions can ensure safer, more efficient, and more agile services. 

IT House has learned that Lenovo Group has officially stated that it has established a car computing laboratory, focusing on the research and development and application of intelligent cockpit, autonomous driving and central computing platform-related core technologies.

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