Lenovo Savior Blade 9000K/7000K 2023 Desktop Release

Lenovo released the latest Blade 9000K and Blade 7000K 2023 desktops, equipped with the latest 13th-generation Core processors. The Edge 9000K 2023 is equipped with an i9-13900K(F) processor and Lenovo's customized RTX 4090 graphics card OEM graphics card, equipped with 64GB DDR5 memory and 2TB SSD, and the starting price is 29,999 yuan. There is also an RTX 4080 version of the Blade 9000K 2023, which is expected to be available in November.

In addition, the Blade 9000K 2023 also has an i7-13700K (F) + RTX 3080 version, with a starting price of 15,999 yuan.

The Blade 7000K 2023 is equipped with an i5-13600K processor and optional RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070 graphics cards. The initial price is 9299 yuan and 9999 yuan respectively.

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