Lenovo Savior Blade Series 2023 desktops to be released on October 21st

Intel's 13th-generation Core K-series processors will be officially released on October 20. Lenovo has now announced that the new product launch conference of the [Top of the Blade] Savior Blade series will be held at 19:00 on October 21st.

The 2023 flagship gaming computer of the Lenovo Savior Blade series will be equipped with the latest 13th-generation Intel Core i9 processor. Judging from the previous warm-up content, the Savior Blade series 2023 adopts a new design language, equipped with a new 3D Mesh front panel, taking into account both beauty and efficient air intake; equipped with ARGB magic night magic light LOGO and fan, 16 million colors can be customized; It adopts the magic night star cluster design wind guide cover, and adopts the laser bite texture; it is equipped with a new HALO design CPU integrated water-cooling head.

Intel has now released the 13th-generation Core K-series processors with the following parameters. The non-K series is expected to be announced at CES early next year.

The first batch of 13th-generation Core processors listed include Core i9-13900K / KF, i7-13700K / KF, i5-13600K / KF, the maximum single-core turbo frequency is 5.8GHz, 5.4GHz, 5.1GHz, the maximum turbo frequency is almost comprehensive The 12th generation Core, the National Bank version is 4899 yuan / 4699 yuan, 3499 yuan / 3299 yuan, 2699 yuan / 2499 yuan.

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