Lenovo Savior H6 headset official announcement

Lenovo announced today that it will launch a new wireless gaming headset "Savior H6" and the Savior S6 headset charging stand. The rescuer H6 adopts a new ergonomic design, which is more gaming-like, made of breathable fabric and memory foam, and is more comfortable to wear. It will also continue the same 50mm drive unit of the previous generation of rescuer H5, equipped with a Flexible and adjustable independent noise-canceling microphone, put away immediately mute.

The S6 rescuer headset charging stand will support QI wireless charging and support for extended USB-A ports. Lenovo released the Savior H5 wireless gaming headset on May 24. The official said that it has a 24-hour long battery life and the first launch is 299 yuan.

The Savior H5 wireless gaming headset adopts a 50mm large moving coil unit and an ergonomic head beam design, with pressure-free memory-resilient foam earmuffs, an omnidirectional detachable microphone, supports 7.1 virtual channels and can play up to 24 hours on a single charge hour, up to 20 hours of talk time.

The Savior H5 wireless gaming headset supports Bluetooth 5.0 and wired dual-mode connection and has two connection methods of Bluetooth 5.0+USB, which can achieve multi-platform compatibility. In addition, the Savior H5 wireless gaming headset has custom independent driver software that can adjust EQ/volume/channel/sound effects to customize your favorite sound.

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