Lenovo shows a new concept notebook

Lenovo held the Lenovo Tech World 22 event today, showing a new concept notebook, the screen can be slid vertically and stretched. This concept notebook is in the form of a 13-inch notebook in its initial state. Its screen can be slid and stretched vertically. After it is completely slid out, it has a larger vertical display area, which is suitable for multitasking, browsers, mobile applications, and other usage scenarios. 

At present, Lenovo has not announced when this product will be mass-produced.

Lenovo proposed an interactive and physical holographic solution for immersive remote communication and teamwork, called Cyber ​​Spaces, at the Lenovo Tech World 22 event. Additionally, Lenovo introduced the Freestyle app, which enables universal control and collaboration between tablet and PC, allowing users to seamlessly pair the tablet and turn it into a portable second screen to expand desktop space.

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