Lenovo-sponsored 3DMark Speed ​​Way launched

According to Lenovo's official news, the 3DMark Speed ​​Way test project is now online, and the Lenovo Savior device equipped with RTX 4090 ranks first in the world.

There is currently only one Lenovo Savior Blade 9000K device in the 3DMark Speed ​​Way test database, equipped with an i9-12900KF processor, the graphics card is expected to be the Savior OEM version RTX 4090, and the GPU frequency reaches 2940MHz.

3DMark officials have now announced that Speed ​​Way, a benchmarking project in collaboration with Lenovo, was released on October 12.

3DMark Speed ​​Way upgrade DLC is priced at $4.99 (about 36 yuan). Owners of 3DMark Premium and Steam 3DMark will be able to purchase the Speed ​​Way upgrade DLC for $4.99 on the UL Solutions website and on Steam.

3DMark Speed ​​Way is a new GPU benchmark program that uses ray tracing and real-time global illumination to render realistic lighting and reflections and supports DirectX 12 Ultimate features to optimize performance and visual quality.

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