Lenovo warms up the Savior Blade series 2023 desktops

Lenovo warmed up the 2023 desktop version of the Savior Blade series and introduced the new design language. According to the official introduction, the Savior Blade Series 2023 adopts a new design language, and is equipped with a new 3D Mesh front panel, which takes into account both beauty and efficient air intake; equipped with ARGB Magic Night Magic Light LOGO and fan, 16 million colors can be customized; Design air hood, with laser bite texture; equipped with a new HALO design CPU integrated water block.

Lenovo's new desktops include the savior Blade 9000K 2023 and Blade 7000K 2023, which can be optionally equipped with Intel's latest 13th-generation Core K-series processors, which can release up to 260W of performance. The graphics card is Lenovo's latest OEM customized version of the RTX 40 series graphics card.

At present, Lenovo has not announced the launch date of the new desktop.

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