Lenovo's new YOGA T1 smart glasses will be listed on Double 11

According to Lenovo, the new YOGA T1 smart glasses will be launched during the Double 11, and myopia users can use them with the corresponding degree of lenses. The YOGA T1 smart glasses, the Glasses T1 AR glasses released by Lenovo overseas, are equipped with a Micro OLED screen, which is officially called a wearable private display.

These AR glasses have a single eye of 1920*1080p 60Hz and a contrast ratio of 10000:1. The glasses have built-in speakers and can be connected to Android devices, Windows, and macOS devices through the USB-C interface, and can also be connected to iOS devices through a dedicated adapter. Officials say the AR glasses are not just for entertainment and gaming, but as mixed work has become the new normal, workers can also use it to create a private workspace.

In terms of battery life, officials say that with high optical efficiency and low overall power consumption, the Glasses T1 can connect to mobile devices to stream video or play games for hours.

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