Lexar launches new CFexpress Type A memory card with 320GB capacity

In July this year, Lexar launched the GOLD series of CFexpress Type A memory cards, using the PCI Express Gen 3x1 high-speed protocol, with a read speed of up to 900MB/s and a write speed of up to 800MB/s, there are two capacity options 80GB and 160GB for the first launch, and now the official 320GB version has been launched.

The 320GB model package includes a CFexpress Type A / SD USB 3.2 Gen 2 card reader, which can read and transfer up to 900MB/s when used with the Type A memory card GOLD series.

This set combination will be on the shelves in the near future, and the price has not been announced yet. Given that the series is priced at 1499 yuan for 80GB, 3199 yuan for 160GB, and 320GB is expected to be around 6000 yuan.

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