Linus criticizes Linux kernel developers for submitting patches before merge window closes

Recently, the father of Linux Linus Torvalds released the RC 1 version of Linux 6.1, which realized basic support for the Rust programming language, and there were not many changes. In the email, Linus criticized some kernel developers, in particular, saying " it's really annoying to receive a lot of commits in the last few days ", in addition to introducing the features of the new version.

He said the Linux version merge window would have had a two-week window to give him enough time to review patches, but some people always submitted merges on the "Friday of the second week, " akin to a high school student rushing homework. Not good, it should be changed after high school graduation.

Linus went on to say that developers should prepare patches before the Linux kernel merge window opens , not just after it opens. He understands that everyone has slack, but the merge window closing date shouldn't be a deadline every time.

The first release candidate (RC) of Linux kernel 6.1 has now been released and is ready to be used by testers, early adopters, and early adopters. The final version is expected to be released in early or mid-December 2022.

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