Logitech G502 X will go on sale tomorrow

In August this year, Logitech released the new G502 X series mice, including the G502 X, G502 X LIGHTSPEED, and G502 X PLUS. Now, the National Bank of Logitech G502 X gaming mouse series has been launched and will go on sale on October 14. This mouse is priced at 499 yuan, starting at 399 yuan, while the Logitech G502X Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse is 699 yuan at the start, and the 502X PLUS will be announced on October 20.

The Logitech G502 X has redesigned the shape of the G502, introduced the new LIGHTFORCE optical-mechanical hybrid micro-motion, and also has the upgraded LIGHTSPEED wireless connection technology, as well as the new LIGHTSYNC streamer dazzling lighting effect.

LIGHTFORCE is a revolutionary micro switch technology that combines the advantages of optical switches with the mechanical switches that gamers love to provide high speed, high performance, and good reliability.

The G502 X series adopts the design of detachable accessories to adapt to various hand shapes and holding methods, and the redesigned rollers have higher stability and lighter weight.

The G502 X also features the HERO 25K high-precision gaming sensor, which provides 1-1 ratio accuracy at the sub-micron level. Additionally, the G502 X-Series is compatible with the Logitech G POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Pad.

Logitech G502 X PLUS models feature LIGHTSYNC RGB, support for 8-LED lighting, and battery optimization with active motion detection.

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