Many users complain about audio drift and sync issues with Apple's AirPods Pro 2 wireless earphones

Apple's AirPods Pro 2 wireless earphones have received many positive reviews from users since they were released and launched last month, but there have also been some early bugs. Many AirPods Pro 2 users are now complaining on Reddit and other online forums about the pesky audio drift issue, which occurs even when features like Apple's spatial audio and dynamic head tracking are disabled.

Audio drift was an issue with this headset, with the audio moving back and forth between the earbuds and out of sync with the video (the audio didn't match the mouth shape of the person speaking in the video).

Affected AirPods Pro 2 users said they were experiencing a combination of audio drift and shifting, as well as the effects of a random increase or decrease in volume.

Another AirPods Pro 2 user specifically noticed the most frequent issue with the YouTube video app. "Using spatial audio and watching YouTube, for almost all videos, the AirPods would get out of sync with each other after the ad played. It felt like the voice of the person in the video was right next to the ear, not in the middle of the head. The only way to fix that The way to do that is to turn spatial audio off and back on, but it's annoying."

Some users have returned AirPods Pro 2, but the same problem has occurred with the new hardware.

Another AirPods Pro 2 user speculated that it could be an issue with noise reduction or adaptive transparency mode. "This causes weird movements in the sound field, and random volume changes in certain frequency ranges. Some tracks are affected much more than others and seem to have some dependencies on external conditions."

Notably, these users all said they disabled Apple's spatial audio and dynamic head tracking features. Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking is designed to follow the user's head as they move, creating the illusion that the music or video audio is always centered and "comes from around you".

Apple has yet to acknowledge the audio driver issue affecting AirPods Pro 2 users, and it's unclear if this is a software or hardware defect.

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