MediaTek announced as an executive member of the Global Mobile Suppliers Association

MediaTek announced that it has officially become an executive member of the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA). In addition, MediaTek is an active member of the 6G Joint Working Group under the GSA Spectrum Group.

MediaTek said it will discuss with other members about regulations, standards, spectrum, etc. ahead of the 2023 and 2027 ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC-23 and WRC-27) on the topic of moving towards the 6G era. A series of factors determine the mobile ecosystem and reach a consensus.

As a non-profit organization driven by members, GSA represents system equipment manufacturers, chip manufacturers, test equipment providers, terminal equipment, applications, and mobile service providers in the global mobile communication industry. At the same time, it is also a provider of research reports and market intelligence related to the mobile communications market. GSA, by its members, drives the GSA agenda and develops communication and development strategies for the association.

"Sharing vision and resources with industry technology leaders is a unique way to drive continuous innovation in wireless," said Dr. Mingxi Fan, General Manager of MediaTek's Communication System Design and R&D Division. Contributors, we will contribute to the timely delivery of 5G evolution and 6G technology, and further promote the implementation of the technology in the commercial field. In addition, relying on the accumulated experience from early research, standardization, to providing first-class SoC products, etc. experience, we will join forces with GSA to provide consumers and businesses with an ever-increasing digital life experience that continues to enrich.”

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