MediaTek Dimensity 1080 5G chip released

MediaTek today released a new mid-range chip Dimensity 1080. Compared to its predecessor, the Dimensity 920, the Dimensity 1080 brings higher performance, better efficiency, and enhanced camera capabilities.

MediaTek said: "The Dimensity 1080 continues the performance and energy-efficient technology advantages of MediaTek's Dimensity 5G mobile platform, providing a variety of advanced features to better meet users' expectations for 5G smartphones. MediaTek's latest Dimensity 1080 further enhances the performance in performance, imaging, display, and other aspects will help the terminal to quickly launch into the mass market.”

The most important change here is the chip's camera capabilities. The new Dimensity 1080 can process image data from the sensor through the Imagiq ISP, up to 200MP pixels (previously 108MP), and supports quad cameras. Dimensity 1080 also integrates a hardware-level 4K HDR video recording engine to provide better low-light shooting effects.

The performance of this 5G chip is slightly updated, with an octa-core CPU: 2 ARM Cortex-A78 cores, clocked up to 2.6GHz. 6 ARM Cortex-A55 cores, frequency up to 2GHz. The GPU is still Mali-G68, which can provide a smoother experience in applications such as gaming, streaming media playback, and web browsing. LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 storage modules are also supported. The Dimensity 1080 is still manufactured using TSMC's 6nm process, which has better energy efficiency and can extend the battery life of smartphones. Performance-wise, there may not be a noticeable jump in benchmark scores compared to devices running previous-generation chips.

Dimensity 1080 is equipped with MediaTek HyperEngine 3.0 game engine, which can bring a high-performance, low-latency gaming experience. With the help of MediaTek's third-generation APU, the platform's energy efficiency during gaming can be further optimized. In addition, Dimensity 1080 supports Sub-6GHz 5G full-band high-speed network and Wi-Fi 6 connection.

Smartphones powered by MediaTek's Dimensity 1080 5G mobile platform are expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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