MediaTek's September revenue was NT$56.571 billion

MediaTek, a major mobile phone chip manufacturer, announced today that its consolidated net revenue in September was NT$56.571 billion (about 12.785 billion yuan), an increase of 18.1% year-on-year and a month-on-month increase of 26.56%.

MediaTek's consolidated revenue in the third quarter was NT$142.161 billion (approximately RMB 32.128 billion), with a quarterly decrease of 8.7% and an annual increase of 8.4%. The single-quarter performance target was achieved. The accumulated first three quarters' performance was NT$440.601 billion (approximately RMB 99.576 billion), an annual increase of 20.7%.

According to the outlook previously given by MediaTek, calculated on the basis of the exchange rate of US dollar to Taiwan dollar 1:29.52, it is estimated that its revenue in the third quarter will fall between NT$141.7 billion and NT$154.2 billion, about The quarterly decline is 1% to 9%, but the annual increase is 8% to 18%.

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