Meizu released lifeme LP51 ring iron earphones

Meizu released a lifeme LP51 ring iron earphone, priced at 299 yuan, which is now on sale. Meizu lifeme LP51 coil iron earphones are equipped with 10mm+6mm coaxial double moving coils, as well as ultra-high frequency + high frequency moving iron units, the moving coil impedance is 32Ω, and the maximum power is 40mW.

In terms of design, the earphone adopts a metal CNC anodizing sandblasting process, the in-ear tube is designed with a 45-degree bevel, the tail of the earphone is engraved with fine CD patterns and knurled threads, and the cable tail is supplemented by the unique metallic luster of titanium.

In addition, the headset is equipped with a TPE + braided wire with a length of about 1.3 meters and multi-button wire control. The Meilan lifeme LP51 ring iron earphones are now on sale, priced at 299 yuan.

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