Meta: Apple will be closed and will become the main opponent of the Metaverse

Apple is Meta's main competitor in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook's parent company Meta, hinted on Tuesday. This realm is what Meta calls the "metaverse."

Zuckerberg released Meta's latest VR headset, the Quest Pro, on Tuesday for $1,499. Apple has yet to release a VR headset or confirm it is working on one, but analysts and media reports say the company is preparing to release a VR device that can stream video from an external camera to an internal high-definition screen in real time. Same as the main feature of Quest Pro.

Competitors have focused on establishing tight control over VR platforms, locking consumers into specific operating systems, he said. Although he didn't name Apple explicitly, the implication was obvious. "In every generation of computing, there is an open ecosystem and a closed ecosystem, with Windows and Mac, then Android and iOS," Zuckerberg said. "Closed ecosystems focus on tight control and Integrate to create unique experiences and lock-in. But over time, most of the value ends up flowing to the platform.”

Zuckerberg said Meta is focusing on building an "open ecosystem" that shares the benefits of the new Metaverse technology with more developers and companies. "I think our role is not just to help build this open ecosystem, but to make sure that the open ecosystem wins in the next generation of the Internet," Zuckerberg said. He also said that Meta wants to work with a wide range of companies.

In addition, he also said in an interview that Apple's aggressive privacy policy is not as altruistic as the company claims. Meta is in a row with Apple over a recent iOS privacy tweak that made it harder for Facebook to serve targeted ads. Zuckerberg previously said it would cost the company $10 billion.

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