Microsoft Accessible Mouse and Accessories Announce October 25th

In May of this year, Microsoft launched accessible mouse and accessories products for the disabled but did not announce the launch date. At today's conference, Microsoft announced that this series of accessories will be available on October 25th.

Microsoft's line of accessible accessories consists of three gadgets: an accessible hub, an accessible mouse, and an accessible button.

An accessible mouse is a module that contains the basic mouse controls: left and right buttons, a scroll wheel, and sensors. Users can pair the mouse with a custom 3D-printed tail to fit specific body needs. Microsoft has also introduced a special retrofit mouse that directly offers a tail with a palm rest and replaceable thumb rest (for left- and right-handed users).

Accessible Buttons provides up to  8 customizable buttons for performing different tasks. As with the adaptive mouse, users can customize the controls to their needs and use 3D printed accessories for easier use.

The last part - the Accessibility Hub allows up to four wireless buttons and multiple additional controls to be connected using a 3.5mm jack (like the Xbox Accessible Controller).

Microsoft said that the accessible mouse and accessories will be available in "selected markets" on October 25th, priced at:

  • Mouse core: $44.99
  • Mouse tail and thumb support: $14.99
  • Accessible Hub: $59.99
  • D-pad D-pad button (with switch): $39.99
  • Joystick button (with switch): $39.99
  • Two-button button (with switch): $39.99

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