Microsoft and Mercedes-Benz collaborate to build supply chain data platform

Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft announced a partnership on Wednesday to use the Microsoft cloud for a data platform aimed at improving the production efficiency of more than 30 passenger car factories around the world. The data platform, called MO360, has already been launched in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and will also be launched in the United States and China, the statement said. The purpose is to collect data across the entire production process, from parts to logistics to the assembly line, to create a virtual copy where teams can instantly analyze and visualize production data to optimize production processes faster and identify potential supply chain bottlenecks, And to tilt the dynamic priority of production resources towards electric and premium vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz production employees can access the MO360 data platform through a self-service portal available on any of the company's devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops, and its visualization with Microsoft Power BI provides a WYSIWYG experience, allowing employees to become Data workers with data modeling and association skills.

The statement also said that the cooperation is expected to increase the production efficiency of cars in 2025 by 20% compared with 2022 levels, and help avoid unplanned shutdowns and schedule maintenance work in a timely manner.

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