Microsoft Surface Duo 2 running Android 12L system photo exposure

 A new report revealed the details of the upcoming update of Microsoft's Android dual-screen smartphone. Microsoft will bring the Android 12L update to Surface Duo series devices, which will introduce a redesigned UI, similar to the Windows 11-style design.

Windows Central has published photos of the Android 12L update for the original Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2. This system brings a blurred background and new buttons similar to the Windows 11 control and notification center, as well as a set of settings application icons extracted from Microsoft's operating system.

Photos also show additional customization settings like palettes and accent colors, plus a new feed section with widgets similar to those in Windows 11. Microsoft wants to make its Surface smartphone look as similar to Windows 11 as possible to provide a seamless experience.

It is unclear when exactly Microsoft plans to push the Android 12L system update. Microsoft previously said the update would begin rolling out "later this year."

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