Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 drops AMD chips to improve battery life

Microsoft's new generation of notebook  Surface Laptop 5 was released this month. The processor was upgraded from the previous generation Intel 11th-generation Core to the 12th-generation Core, and the Xiancha Green color was added. There is no AMD processor version.

According to the test of  Tom's Guide, Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 seems to be reversing in terms of battery life and has not played the AMD version of Surface Laptop 4. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 with the AMD R7 4980U has a battery life of  12 hours and 4 minutes including web browsing, playing video, and OpenGL tests with the brightness set to 150 nits and connected to Wi-Fi.

Under the same conditions, the Surface Laptop 5 with Intel i7-1255U lasted only 9 hours and 50 minutes, which is 2 hours and 14 minutes worse than the previous generation.

Microsoft previously said that the Ryzen 4000 Surface Edition is optimized for Surface Laptop 4, but abandoning AMD in Surface Laptop 5 is equivalent to giving up an advantage.

However, the Intel i7-1255U scored 1674 (single-core) and 8709 (multi-core) in Cinebench 5.4, which is significantly higher than the AMD R7 4980U's 1173 (single-core) and 6748 (multi-core). It seems that the price of performance improvement may be battery life.

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