Mingxuan launches MS-Terminator Z790M motherboard

Mingxuan has now launched the new MS-Terminator Z790M D5 motherboard, which supports the 13th generation Core processor, and the price is only 1499 yuan. This is an M-ATX motherboard that uses a 10-phase power supply module, supports DDR5 memory, is equipped with PCIe 5.0 * 16 graphics card slots, and is equipped with 5 PCIe M.2 slots, wired The network port is 2.5G, equipped with 20Gbps front and rear USB-C interfaces, and the display output interfaces include HDMI 2.1 and DP1.4.

Ming Xuan MS-Terminator Z790M D5 motherboard will be launched with a 13th generation Core processor at 9:00 pm on October 20th, and reservations are now open.

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