Minisforum Announces New UM690 Mini-Host with R9 6900HX Processor

Minisforum today announced the new UM590 and UM690 mini-hosts, the former is equipped with AMD R9 5900HX, and the latter is equipped with R9 6900HX. The UM690 will be the world's first mini PC with a USB4 interface and is expected to launch later this month.

In July this year, Minisforum released the UM580 mini host overseas, equipped with R7 5800H and supporting USB-C one-line connection. Now, this mini host has been listed on Jingdong, with a barebones configuration of 2799 yuan.

According to the official renderings, the new UM590 and UM690 mini-hosts seem to cancel the USB-C one-line connection design and use the traditional round port for power supply. The official has also mentioned before that most USB-C monitors cannot reach 100W reverse power supply and may shut down under high load.

Jingdong has now launched the UM690 page, the barebones price is 3099 yuan, and it is temporarily out of stock.

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