Moore Thread MTT S10 domestic graphics card appeared on Taobao

A domestic graphics card equipped with Moore Thread MTT S10 GPU is now on the e-commerce platform, equipped with 2GB of video memory, and priced at 800 yuan. Moore Thread's official website that this GPU adopts Moore Thread's first-generation MUSA architecture, including a unified programming model, software runtime, driver framework, instruction set architecture, and chip architecture. Officially, this GPU can provide excellent 3D rendering performance, and supports multiple graphics APIs such as OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and Vulkan, and supports real-time rendering of online 3D content based on WebGL.

In terms of design, the MTT S10 adopts a half-height and half-length PCB design, which occupies a small space and can be well accommodated in the body of a compact PC, and no additional power supply interface is required.

In other respects, it is officially stated that the HDMI 2.1 interface of the MTT S10 supports 4K 60Hz display output and supports H.265, H.264, and other mainstream formats for 4K video decoding acceleration, presenting a larger and clearer picture and improving office efficiency. MTT S10 has a built-in industry-leading Smart Media Engine, which supports encoding of various mainstream formats. And supports the latest version of FFmpeg and adaptive bit rate adjustment technology. In mainstream video conferencing software, the GPU can be used to realize simultaneous encoding and decoding of multi-channel video, reducing the overall resource consumption of the system.

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