Motorola showcases a concept phone with a scroll screen that can be stretched vertically

At the Lenovo Tech World 2022 conference, Motorola demonstrated a concept mobile phone with a scroll screen. The screen can be vertically expanded and contracted by pressing a button, and the wallpaper has also been adapted with dynamic effects match.

Motorola's scroll-screen concept phone has a 5-inch screen that expands to 6.5 inches when unfolded. That is to say, the phone is more compact than the iPhone 13 Mini in non-deployed mode, and almost as large as the iPhone 14 Pro Max when fully unfolded. The company currently has no plans to launch the device, which is still in the concept stage.

Motorola's scroll-screen concept phone is different from some similar concept phones from other manufacturers. For example, the scroll-screen concept phones shown by companies such as Samsung and TCL have a screen that expands horizontally, not vertically, and can be used in smartphone and tablet mode. switch between. Instead of developing a smartphone-tablet hybrid, Motorola aims to offer a smartphone that can switch screen sizes depending on the situation.

It may be a while before a roll-to-roll phone is available, but Ross Young, co-founder, and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, believes that a roll-to-roll phone could solve today's large foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold. series), he said in a previous interview: "I think, in my opinion, the concept of a roll-to-roll phone has a lot of potentials to replace that book-like device because it's going to be thinner. , and it should be a lot lighter."

While Motorola's first foldable Razr received a lot of attention when it launched in 2019, Samsung is currently the industry leader when it comes to foldable phones. According to Counterpoint Research, Samsung has 62% of the global foldable phone market, while Huawei is second with a 16% share. The report also indicated that the market for foldable phones is expected to grow by 73% in 2022, suggesting that consumers may be increasingly receptive to phones with curved, foldable screens.

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