Motorola will launch two Razr foldable phones next year

According to the whistleblower, @evleaks broke the news today, Motorola is considering launching two Razr foldable models in 2023. According to @evleaks, the two Razr phones are codenamed Juno and Venus, while the Razr 2022, which will be released in China on August 11, is codenamed, Maven.

 This isn't the first time we've heard the codename Juno. According to previous reports, Juno is an iterative product of the Motorola Razr 2022, which may still be designed to fold up and down. It's unclear what type of foldable the Venus is, and Motorola may be considering a foray into the big-screen foldable space.

Both Razr (2019) and Razr 5G will be released in 2020. Motorola did not release a Razr model last year and has only launched one Razr model so far this year. Is Motorola really considering it in 2023? Two Razr models released in 2019 deserve attention.

Motorola recently showed a scrolling screen concept model at the 2022 Lenovo Technology World Conference , but did not say that the device will be mass-produced.

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