Nationalized Tablet PC Wanlihong SP10 released

Wanlihong Technology Co., Ltd. ("Wanlihong" for short) released a tablet customized for the industry, equipped with a UNISOC T618 chip and OpenAtom OpenHarmony (hereinafter referred to as "OpenHarmony") operating system Computer - Wanlihong Tablet PC SP10.

Wanlihong Tablet PC SP10 is equipped with a 10.4-inch 2K 60Hz screen, a built-in 8-core 12nm Ziguang Zhanrui T618 chip, and is equipped with Wanlihong's OpenHarmony-based Wanlihong mobile operating system.

Wanlihong mobile operating system is customized for Launcher, SystemUI, Settings, and other system applications: support negative one screen, application search, real-time weather, application real-time monitoring, browser, input method, software store, e-mail, calendar, audio and video playback and other common functions, while designing and customizing the overall UI style and system security of the system.

Wanlihong Tablet PC SP10 claims to be the first domestically produced tablet PC customized for the industry, equipped with domestic mobile chips and an open-source Hongmeng operating system. The specific price has not been announced, and other parameter information has not been disclosed.

Wanlihong Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is affiliated with the Oriental Science Instrument Holdings Group, one of the four major groups under the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. (referred to as Guoke Holdings). The company will complete the integration and listing with Beijing Dongfang Zhongke Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. in 2021.

Wanlihong, as a national team in the field of digital security and confidentiality, is positioned as a technology enabler and comprehensive service provider in the field of digital security and confidentiality in China. The Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Information Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University have a good cooperative relationship. The company focuses on innovative research and technical applications in the fields of information security and confidentiality, big data and artificial intelligence applications, smart government affairs and Xinchuang engineering, biometric identification, special operating systems, etc., and provides overall application solutions for users in various industries.

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