Nothing Ear (Stick) True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Coming October 26th

Nothing company recently announced the appearance of its new true wireless headset Nothing Ear (stick) at London Fashion Week. This is the company's second headset and will be launched later this year. Nothing Ear (Stick) official announcement will be launched at 22:00 pm Beijing time on October 26th, when the complete specifications and pricing of this headset will be announced.

The brand recently revealed the design of the product with the help of Errolson Hugh, the internationally renowned designer behind the Berlin-based clothing brand Acronym. Nothing Ear (Stick) will feature a semi-in-ear true wireless earbud design that is claimed to offer the highest level of comfort and claims to be the most advanced audio product to date.

The Nothing Ear (stick) true wireless headset has been certified by the US FCC, and the certification exposed the transparent casing and antenna picture of the Nothing Ear (stick) true wireless headset.

In terms of configuration, the Nothing Ear (stick) true wireless headset will support Bluetooth 5.2 connection, each earbud has a built-in 36mAh battery, and the headset box has a built-in 350mAh battery, which is charged through the USB-C interface. At the same time, the Nothing Ear (stick) true wireless earphone box comes with a USB-C interface charging cable.

In addition, the headphone case of the Nothing Ear (stick) true wireless earphones has been completely redesigned with a lipstick shape for easier pocketing. It has been reported that the Nothing Ear (stick) true wireless headset will cancel the rubber earplugs and use a design similar to Apple's regular AirPods, which is more comfortable to wear, but also more difficult to isolate outside noise.

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