NuMeow Technology Announces New Alice 65 Keyboard and Magnetic Wrist Rest

Numiao Technology will release the new Alice 65 keyboard and magnetic levitation wrist rest on October 24.

According to reports, this keyboard uses a 65-keyboard design, equipped with three adjustable Gaskets.

The Numiao Magnetic Suspension Bowl Holder adopts a magnetic support design and a flying saucer design, and the surface is covered with flexible waterproof fabric. The price is 210 yuan.

Angry Miao was founded by Li Nan, a former Meizu executive. According to the official website of Angry Miao, Angry Miao was established in 2019 and is committed to bringing future technology to consumers through close community interaction, while providing enough bursting design. Its products include wireless series of TWS and desktop products, and at the same time, it produces emotional connection products such as Chaowan around the brand IP.

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