NVIDIA DLSS 3 frame insertion limit is suspected to be bypassed

NVIDIA DLSS 3 is currently available on RTX 40 series graphics cards. This technology has a groundbreaking optical multi-frame generation function, which is to interpolate frames in games to improve the number of game frames.

However, Nvidia said that DLSS 3 relies on an optical flow accelerator, and the current version is only available for the RTX 40 series, and the older RTX 30/20 series are not yet available.

According to the player's latest test, this limit seems to be bypassable. Reddit user JusDax said that this limit was bypassed in " Cyberpunk 2077", so that the RTX 2070 turned on DLSS 3 and doubled the number of game frames.

He said that by adding a configuration file to eliminate the VRAM overhead in "Cyberpunk 2077", the software lock can be bypassed, and features such as DLSS 3 frame insertion, Reflex low latency, etc. can be turned on.

After opening, "Cyberpunk 2077" has soared from the original 35-40 frames to about 80 frames , which is doubled. It seems that the effect on the old graphics card is not bad.

However, JusDax also said that this method is not perfect and will lead to game instability and frame drop problems. In addition, the "Full Extreme Ray Tracing Mode" of "Cyberpunk 2077" cannot be turned on yet, and the modification of the ini file will not take effect.

JusDax does not currently give a specific configuration file for bypassing the restrictions, and says it does not want the method to fall into the wrong hands. IT House friends can remain skeptical about this. If it can be achieved, it will be good news for old graphics card users.

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